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Full Time believes in the necessity of access to hygiene at the individual and social level and everything we do, from the production and development of products to all our commercial or non-profit activities, is in line with our commitment to this belief. We are trying to offer you a unique quality and affordable price. these are two principles that we will never violate. Each and every one of us at Full Time brand uses all our knowledge and strength to stick to this commitment and be by your side.

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  • Progress in Quality
  • Progress in Hygiene Industry
  • Progress in Society Health
  • Progress for better Environment

At Qlean, we believe that the essence of quality living lies in the details, which is why we are dedicated to creating exceptional products that enhance your everyday experiences. Our commitment to excellence is deeply ingrained in everything we do. Every Qlean product is crafted from 100% imported Virgin cellulose, ensuring a premium experience that meets the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Choose Qlean for an elevated experience that combines quality, elegance, and sustainability.

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It is in line with our commitment to our vision that by using knowledge and expertise in the hygiene industry to develop and supply a basket of the highest quality to the market in order to provide everyone with the necessities of maintaining personal hygiene.


Zarrin is destined to become one of the global poles of the tissue industry. Our vision is to be a pioneer in hygiene products market and we will expand this pioneer in quality, innovation and unique consumer experience from the domestic.


Zarrin firmly believes in the power of continuous improvement and a sustainable future, driving their unwavering commitment to excellence.